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Best Drones For Beginners

The Best Drone Reviews For Beginners

Flying Drones Is Not Just Fun, It's A Great Past Time For The Whole Family.
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Drones For Beginners

Beginners that are getting started with flying drones won't have a very hard time finding one, but in many cases, as seen around Christmas 2014, it was easy to pick the wrong one. This resulted in crashes and the drones being destroyed within hours of opening the present. We offer reviews of only the best drones for beginners that will stand up to the abuse of a new pilot.

We look for durability, how easy it is to fly and how long you'll get to fly it before the battery runs out. We score each drone based on these factors to give you the best options when you're ready to buy!

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What Is A Drone, And Can I Fly One?

A Drone, in terms of this site and our hobby, is a private hobby-class radio controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that has a range of less than a mile and are not to be flown higher than 400 feet, further than a clear line of sight allows, and absolutely not for devious purposes (spying, eavesdropping, surveillance flights, etc...). We are hobbyists, not government nor criminals. The drones we recommend are to be flown for recreational purposes only, and we do not endorse the misuse of UAVs in any way. Support for this site is funded by affiliate partnerships through product links.

Beginner Drones