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Dromida Ominus

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Dromida Ominus Review

Let's face it: New Drone Fliers are gonna crash a few times (OK, a lot!) That doesn't mean that you can't get a quadcopter that isn't durable. The Dromida Ominus Quadcopter takes a beating and still gets up to fly some more. 

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 This is one drone that will take a beating! If you are looking to get a quadcopter for your kids, but are worried that they'll break it in the first 30 seconds, then the Dromida Ominus is what you need to get them. With ultra durable plastic body and rotors, let'em crash while they're learning to fly!

Dromida Review

Dromida Ominus Review

Unlike other quadcopters that you might consider purchasing, the Dromida Ominus has a bevvy of fantastic features that really make it stand out from the crowd. First thing you'll notice is that the rotors are put farther out from the body for greater stability. This helps the novice flier keep the drone steady even in light winds as well as giving the Dromida a mean look! You'll find that the drone comes with everything you need to fly (RTF) even batteries for your controller! Kudos to Dromida for actually including the four AA batteries. The drone battery itself is one of the biggest capacity batteries found in toy-class drones. It's a 700mAh single cell liPo and uses standard JST connectors so you can get extra batteries and use a multi charger to get more flight time. 

Flight time on the Dromida is above average, and you can easily get 10-14 minutes of flight out of a (full) single charge. The controller has a button for flips giving your novice flier an easy way to do stunts that doesnt require skills that they're still learning. There are also four flight modes on the Dromida, and you can look down at your controller to see if you're in Easy, Normal, Advanced or Pro mode.

The Dromida Ominus does lack an onboard camera, but for the beginner that's learning to fly, a camera is the least of their worries. The Dromida's mean, almost preditory looks more than make up for what it's missing (hence the name "ominus" said "ominous"). The dromida is a gear driven quadcopter, and a bit louder in flight than a normal direct-drive drone where the rotors are attached directly to the motor's armature, so flying outside is best.

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  • Extremely durable drone - withstands full speed crashes multiple times
  • Tons of replacement parts available
  • LONG run times (10-14 minutes)
  • 4 flight modes (easy, normal, advanced, pro)
  • One-Button flip action
  • All batteries including controller's come in package
  • Extra rotors included


  • No Camera, but that's ok


  • Length: 9.4 in (238 mm)
  • Weight: 3.6 oz (101g)
  • Requires: nothing!

What's In The Box

  • Fully assembled quadcopter
    • 2.4GHz SLT™ radio system
    • Rechargeable LiPo battery and USB charger
    • AAA batteries
    • Extra set of blades

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Dromida Ominus

Dromida Ominus



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